Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game Review & Free Demo

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing demo game to discover how to win at Superace88.

Let’s dive into a gaming experience like no other, where the past and present collide in a whirlwind of action, strategy, and exhilaration. Prepare to embark on an epic journey into the captivating realm of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game, a creation that fuses the thrill of the hunt with the excitement of immersive gameplay.

Step back in time to a prehistoric era teeming with majestic creatures, from dinosaurs to dragons, each waiting to be conquered for their treasures.Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons and guided by your wits, you’ll set out on a quest to capture these mythical beasts and claim extraordinary rewards.

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How to Play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2



Learn how to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing by following the instructions in our guide below, included understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet, paylines and selecting the game room.

1.Understanding the Game Mechanics

  • Target Control (Auto Shoot)
    In the heart of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing lies the intuitive target control mechanism, featuring an automated shooting system. Engage in the thrill of the hunt as the auto-shoot function takes center stage, allowing players to focus on strategy and precision.
  • Choose Your Weapon
    Diversify your arsenal with an array of potent weaponry. Selecting the right weapon for the task at hand is essential for maximizing your chances of success.
  • Bet Adjustment
    Craft your own path to victory by customizing your bets. The game offers a range of betting options, each influencing your potential winnings and adding an element of strategy to your gameplay. 

2. Placing Your Bet and Paylines

In the pursuit of untold riches, your bets play a pivotal role. JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing offers a diverse range of betting options, each accompanied by its own set of potential jackpots. Let’s explore the different bet ranges and their corresponding jackpot rewards:

  • Bet 0.1 Range Jackpot 100-200.
  • Bet 0.2-0.5 Range Jackpot 200-400.
  • Bet 0.6-1 Range Jackpot 600-1,200.
  • Bet 2-5 Range Jackpot 2,000-4,000.
  • Bet 6-10 Range Jackpot 6,000-12,000.
  • Bet 20-50 Range Jackpot 20,000-40,000.
  • Bet 60-100 Range Jackpot 60,000-120,000.

Strategically adjust your bets to align with your risk appetite and potential rewards. Remember, increasing your bets not only amplifies the thrill but also heightens your chances of securing significant payouts.

3. Selecting the Game Room

  • Dive into the immersive world of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing by selecting your preferred game room. Each room offers a distinct environment, providing a unique backdrop for your hunting endeavors.
  • Whether you’re drawn to the depths of ancient forests or the enigmatic realms of forgotten islands, your choice of game room sets the stage for your next adventure. Navigate through these captivating landscapes as you target captivating creatures and chase after the monumental rewards that await.

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Game Features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

You should discover the game features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, included special dinosaurs, golden mammoth, dragon king showdown and jackpot system. Ready to explore further? Let’s dive in and see each of them below!

1.Special Dinosaurs


  • Sprint Triceratops
    Engage in a heart-pounding pursuit as you defeat the Sprint Triceratops. Following its defeat, you must navigate a series of sprints on the field. 
  • Electric Lizard
    Prepare for a shockingly electrifying encounter with the Electric Lizard. Upon vanquishing this formidable foe, an electric net activates, enveloping the surrounding area. 
  • Bomb Frog
    Defeat the Bomb Frog and witness a detonation of opportunities. The defeated Bomb Frog triggers an explosive blast, potentially capturing neighboring dinosaurs within the radius of the explosion. 


2.Golden Mammoth

  • To seize the treasure trove displayed on the Prize Panel, your mission involves conquering the majestic Golden Mammoth.
  • Engage in a thrilling battle with this monumental creature to claim the alluring rewards it guards.

3.Dragon King Showdown

By emerging victorious against two Special Dragon Kings, you unlock an epic showdown known as the “Dragon King Showdown” mode. Enter this mode prepared for a test of intuition and skill.


  • Tyrannosaurus Rex and King Kong
    Within the Dragon King Showdown, your task revolves around accurately predicting the outcomes of five rounds, progressively increasing your multiplier.
  • Crystal Dragon
    As your shots collide with the Crystal Dragon, the chance arises to shatter its precious crystals. Breaking these crystals not only bestows high-multiplier prizes upon you but also escalates your potential to inflict damage on the dragon itself.


Upon capturing the awe-inspiring Holy Light Dragon King, the Gashapon mini-game activates, inviting you to a thrilling three-round adventure.

4.Jackpot System

Every dragon “hit” sets the stage for a potential jackpot victory. Regardless of the dragon’s size, each hit presents a chance to enter a prize drawing. Unlocking these prized opportunities requires fulfilling specific bet conditions.


  • Free Waterspout
    Harness the power of accumulated energy by shooting and unleash a formidable waterspout capable of inflicting significant damage. 
  • Treasure Chest Pterodactyl
    Encounter the Treasure Chest Pterodactyl, a harbinger of golden opportunities. Upon successfully capturing the treasure chest brimming with gold, you receive three dice.
  • Golden Dice Multiplier
    One of these dice may hold the key to extraordinary rewards – the Golden Dice. Multiply the values displayed on all three dice to determine your bonus multiplier. 

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5 Techniques to Win at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

With our recommended 5 techniques below, you can easily to win at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, included master the game mechanics, leverage special dinosaurs, strategize with bet levels, engage in dragon king showdown and maximize bonuses & energy stones.

1.Master the Game Mechanics

  • Understanding the target control system, weapon selection, and bet adjustment is essential. These mechanics, outlined in the earlier sections, empower you to navigate the game with precision and strategy.

2.Leverage Special Dinosaurs

  • Take advantage of special dinosaurs like the Sprint TriceratopsElectric Lizard, and Bomb Frog. Defeating them unlocks unique features that can boost your rewards and capture potential.

3.Strategize with Bet Levels

  • Utilize your knowledge of the bet adjustment system to strategically choose your wager. Opt for a higher bet to increase your chances of winning and accessing larger prizes, as explained in the previous section.

4.Engage in Dragon King Showdown

  • Conquer two Special Dragon Kings to activate the Dragon King Showdown mode. Successfully predicting the winner over five rounds boosts your multiplier, allowing you to maximize your rewards.

5.Maximize Bonuses and Energy Stones

  • Seize opportunities presented by the Gashapon mini-game and the Treasure Chest Pterodactyl. Accumulate Energy Stones to win Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini prizes. 

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Popular Casino To Play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing


Popular Casino to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 is Superace88. For an unforgettable gaming adventure immersed in the captivating world of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, look no further than Superace88.com Casino.

As a premier destination for online gaming enthusiasts, Superace88 Casino offers a thrilling platform to indulge in the excitement of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing. Step into a realm where the prehistoric comes to life, and embark on a journey teeming with dinosaur-themed wonders.

At Superace88 Casino, players can dive into the heart of this exhilarating fishing game, where aiming and shooting at an array of targets, including dinosaurs, Golden Smilodon, and more, promises boundless thrills and rewards.


In the captivating realm introduced in “JILI Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game,” players embrace the pulse-pounding fusion of strategy and action. “How to Play Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game” guides you through mastering mechanics, betting wisely, and room selection, while uncovering the “Games Features” delivers a tapestry of thrilling possibilities.

“How to Win Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game” unveils secrets to success, emphasizing understanding, strategy, and patience. As your journey draws to a close, armed with knowledge from each section, you stand prepared to conquer this exhilarating underwater odyssey.

Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game becomes not just a game, but a realm of triumph where rewards await those who dare to explore its depths.

Popular Casino Bonus for Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game at Superace88 Casino is an immersive gaming experience where players hunt prehistoric sea creatures for epic rewards. Developed by JILI gaming, it combines action, strategy, and thrill for an unforgettable adventure.

Master the game mechanics, including target control and weapon selection. Adjust your bets strategically based on your risk appetite and potential rewards. Choose your preferred game room to embark on your hunting journey.

The game offers special dinosaurs, each with unique advantages, a Dragon King Showdown mode for predicting outcomes, and a jackpot system for potential big wins. Special features like the waterspout and Treasure Chest Pterodactyl add excitement.

Understand the game mechanics thoroughly, utilize special dinosaurs, and strategize your bet levels. Engage in the Dragon King Showdown mode and make the most of bonuses and Energy Stones.

Superace88 Casino provides an ideal platform for the game. Its user-friendly interface, unique features, and commitment to a top-tier gaming environment make it the perfect destination for players seeking an exhilarating gaming escapade.

When capturing the Treasure Chest Pterodactyl, the Golden Dice Multiplier allows you to multiply your rewards. By skillfully unveiling the Golden Dice, you can significantly boost your bonus multiplier.

Conquer two Special Dragon Kings to enter the Dragon King Showdown mode. Predict the winners of five rounds to increase your multiplier and enhance your potential rewards.

In case of disconnection, accumulated energy for the waterspout dissipates after three minutes of inactivity. Make sure to stay connected to fully utilize this powerful feature.

The Return to Player (RTP) for Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game is 97.78%, indicating the expected average return to players over time.

Start your journey by entering Superace88 Casino, where the thrilling world of Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing awaits. Immerse yourself in the game’s mechanics, features, and strategies to become a master dinosaur hunter and claim remarkable prizes. Your adventure begins now!

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