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Differences European American Roulette is a live game guide by Superace88 Casino. Read our latest professional review on how to play Roulette and learn about Differences European American Roulette. Lets dive into our comprehensive guide on European and American Roulette.

Roulette is a timeless casino classic that has captivated gamblers for generations. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a complete beginner, understanding the nuances of these two popular variations is essential for a successful gaming experience.

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Differences European American Roulette Details & Information

Casino Superace
Live Type Table Slots
House Edge Eur 2.7% / American 5.26%
Max Bet 1000
Volatility Low

How to Play Differences European American Roulette


Learn how to play Roulette by following the instructions in our guide below, included detailed comparison and red split & neighbour.

1.European Roulette vs. American Roulette: A Detailed Comparison

Both European and American Roulette share a common essence, but subtle differences set them apart. Let’s explore the key distinctions that make each variant unique.

Game Layout

  • A fundamental difference between European and American Roulette lies in the wheel layout.
  • The American version boasts 38 pockets on the wheel, including a ‘0’ and ‘00’. In contrast, the European version features 37 pockets with just a single ‘0’.
  • Both variants have 18 red and 18 black pockets, but the additional ‘00’ pocket in American Roulette affects the odds and house edge.

House Edge

  • The house edge is a crucial factor in choosing between these two variants. American Roulette has a higher house edge of approximately 5.26% due to the presence of the ‘0’ and ‘00’ pockets.
  • This gives the house a substantial advantage, especially in even-money bets. European Roulette offers a more favorable house edge at around 2.7%, making it the preferred choice for many players.
  • The slight difference in house edge can significantly impact your long-term winning potential.

Exceptions to the House Edge

  • While the house edge may gradually diminish your bankroll, skilled players employing roulette systems can predict winning numbers with precision. This prediction can provide a substantial edge over the house, reaching as high as 120%.
  • Whether you’re playing European or American Roulette, the player’s advantage takes precedence when using a roulette computer. The house edge becomes less significant in such cases, as the accuracy of spin prediction becomes the key factor.

Odds and RTP

  • European Roulette offers better odds and Return to Player (RTP) statistics, significantly benefiting players.
  • Although the difference of a single pocket may seem inconsequential, it adds up over time, making European Roulette a more player-friendly choice.
  • If you’re interested in comparing odds, RTP, and other game rules, there are various exciting roulette game types worth exploring.

Game Rules

  • While the core rules of roulette remain consistent across all variants, there are specific advantages for players in European roulette. Two notable rules come into play. The first is the ‘En Prison rule,’ allowing an extra spin when an even-money bet lands in the ‘0’ pocket.
  • This rule can reduce the house edge to as low as 1.35%. Additionally, European roulette tables permit ‘call bets,’ which players announce to the dealer instead of placing chips on the betting table. These bets are particularly useful for complex betting actions like Red Split and Neighbors.

2.Red Split & Neighbors

  • American Roulette allows players to place a ‘5 number bet’ covering 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. However, attempting this bet on a European roulette table is impractical, and for good reason.
  • The ‘5 number bet’ carries a substantial house edge of 7.9%, making it one of the least profitable wagers on the wheel. Despite a 6:1 payout, it remains a high-risk option that is best avoided.
  • It’s important to note that some rules may not apply to the online version of the game. Therefore, before you engage with either the American or European roulette wheel, it’s wise to review the applicable rules.

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Popular Casino To Play Differences European American Roulette


Popular Casino to play Roulette is Superace88. For an exceptional roulette gaming experience, we recommend Superace.com Casino. With a diverse selection of roulette tables, including both European and American variants, Superace Casino offers a premium gaming environment.

Their attentive staff ensures that every player has a memorable gaming session, and their commitment to fair play and security guarantees a top-notch experience.

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In the world of roulette, the choice between European and American variants hinges on subtle but significant differences. These differences affect odds, house edge, and specific rules, ultimately influencing your overall gaming experience.

Whether you prefer the lower house edge of European Roulette or the excitement of American Roulette, understanding these distinctions is key to making informed choices. Happy gaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

European and American Roulette are two popular variations of the classic casino game. The main difference between them is the number of pockets on the wheel, with European Roulette having one ‘0’ pocket and American Roulette featuring both ‘0’ and ’00’ pockets.

The house edge in European Roulette is approximately 2.7%, while in American Roulette, it’s higher at about 5.26% due to the additional ’00’ pocket.

European Roulette offers better odds and Return to Player (RTP) statistics, making it a more player-friendly choice over the long term.

Skilled players using roulette systems can predict winning numbers with precision, reducing the house edge. This advantage can be as high as 120%.

Both variants share fundamental rules, such as betting on where the ball will land on the wheel. However, specific rules and advantages exist in European Roulette, like the ‘En Prison rule’ and ‘call bets.’

The ‘En Prison rule’ in European Roulette allows players who place even-money bets and land in the ‘0’ pocket to receive an extra spin, reducing the house edge to as low as 1.35%.

‘Call bets’ in European Roulette are bets announced to the dealer rather than placing chips on the betting table. These bets are useful for complex betting actions like Red Split and Neighbors.

The gameplay is similar, but understanding the differences in rules and odds can significantly impact your strategy and overall success.

For an exceptional gaming experience, Superace Casino is recommended. They offer a variety of roulette tables, including both European and American variants, ensuring a memorable gaming session.

Key factors include the house edge, odds, and your gaming preferences. Whether you prefer the lower house edge of European Roulette or the excitement of American Roulette, understanding these distinctions is essential for making informed choices.

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